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We Build Success

The Spartans were fierce and perpetuated a warlike society. The males started warrior training at age seven, but what truly made their society dominant was the use of leveraging the strengths of their friend and adjacent City-States. Working together was far more effective than working alone. The developed alliances created the stability that lasted for centuries. We don't literally need spears and shields in business, but the tenacity and formation of strategic alliances bolster the capabilities and leads to successful business enterprises.


 The Spartan Alliance delivers expert business services by combining the talent, experience, and resources of the alliance companies. Our mission is to build successful businesses for existing business operators and entrepreneurs. We are building stronger and more profitable companies by making them more efficient in the use of capital, tax laws, and asset protection.


Each Spartan member is vetted and committed to providing best practices within their specific specialties including a wide array of mission-critical operational support. The Spartan Alliance can raise capital, generate sales and secure long-term revenue for our client companies.


What we can provide to client companies:

  • Incorporation

  • Business Planning

  • Business Valuation

  • Advanced Tax Planning

  • Asset Management

  • Personal Protection & Retirement Planning

  • Bridge Lending

  • Lead Generation

  • Cyber Security Solutions Assessment & Advisory Services

  • Sales Process Development and Management

  • Sales & Leadership Training

  • Accounting

  • Merchant Banking

  • Risk and Insurance Management

  • Workforce Benefit Administration

  • Human Resources & Payroll Processing

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